An overview of the sports acrobatics

A fall during an early balance routine left the World Games bronze medallists distraught. Currently, only girls are allowed in the sport. The best of the rest put up a fine fight, with the capacity crowd treated to all the sport has to offer but in the end nothing could stop the irrepressible Kseniia Zagoskina RUS with her two teammates and the gigantic Nikolay Suprunov and his top Igor Mishev RUS from grabbing the glory.

Combined - At the more senior levels of competition, a third routine must be performed that combines both balance and dynamic moves, along with the usual tumbling and dance.

The first use of acrobatics as a specific sport was in the Soviet Union in the s, and the first acrobatic world championships were in [4]. In the 7th to 10th century, the sport began to make a greater development in not only China but also European cultures in the Middle Ages [1].

Practised by men and women alike, dynamic sports acrobatics are among the oldest known disciplines. In Canada, no licence is required to perform aerobatics, but to carry passengers during aerobatics a pilot must have at least 10 hours dual flight instruction of aerobatic manoeuvres, or 20 hours of total aerobatic experience.

Suprunov and Mishev retain title in style If Zagoskina and her crew owned the Lotto Arena from the beginning, not many present on Saturday will forget the sight of 1. Belgian pair, Robin Casse and Kilian Goffaux, may well be looking to the future too.

At the London Olympics, acrobatic partnerships were seen performing before the Olympic gymnastic events, and during the opening and closing ceremonies. We recently expended our program offerings to include a drop-in baby play group for month-olds and their parents, which meets twice per week and is attended by an average of 12 families per class.

At the junior and senior levels, all three routines are required, whereas at lower age levels, a single simpler routine is required.

Jason Nemer, the creator of acroyoga, made it be a combination of hand to hand acrobatics, yoga, fitness, and healing within balance [5]. This often involves the base, or bases in the partnership propelling the top through the air and through a series of somersaults or twists.

Acrobatic gymnastics

California is a huge breeding ground for those types of athletes. The exercises must include a harmonious combination of choreography, collective acrobatic elements holds, throws, catchesand individual acrobatic elements floor acrobatic seriesall in perfect synchronisation.

The competitions will take place in the Antwerp Lotto Arena from 13 till 15 April It has been said that its appearance, despite not being an Olympic discipline is testament to its ability to entertain.

In the early days of flying, some pilots used their aircraft as part of a flying circus to entertain. Russia finished in third, with a score of It features hand to hand acrobatics in the same way acro does, but routines are not performed such as it is in the sport.

Positions the top can perform in this style of acrobatics are straddleshandstandspikes, press to handstand, one arm handstands, Planchesflag, and many others. Its name comes from the Greek acrobateo, meaning to rise or go forth. Hand to hand acrobatics has been used across a wide variety of mediums throughout history.

To enhance the show effect of aerobatic maneuvers, smoke is sometimes generated; the smoke allows viewers to see the path travelled by the aircraft. Together it amounted to a mark of The Word Championship and World Games gold medallists lie in fourth.

Many aerobatic manoeuvers were indeed developed in military conflicts, e. Hand to hand acrobatics can also include dynamic catches and throws that either begin with a throw from a hand to hand position or end in a catch in the hand to hand position. Partner balances, tosses, catches, dance, and tumbling element are all choreographed and done to music to be performed as the final routine.


Traditionally, balance routines were often performed to slower music, but not exclusively so. Flight formation aerobatics are flown by teams of up to sixteen aircraft, although most teams fly between four and ten aircraft.

Acrobatic gymnastics (ACRO) officially joined the FIG in Practised by men and women alike, dynamic sports acrobatics are among the oldest known disciplines. The sport was practised as early as the ancient Egyptian period, as we can see in certain frescos.

List of acrobatic activities.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is an incomplete list of activities that involve acrobatics. acro dance; acrobalance; acroyoga; adagio; aerial silks; aerial hoop; aerobatics; artistic cycling; bossaball; breakdancing or b-boying; capoeira; contortion; corde lisse.

Sports Acrobatics. 26th ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS WORLDS In the spring of Antwerp will host the 26 th World Championships Acrobatic Gymnastics. The competitions will take place in the Antwerp Lotto Arena from 13 till 15 April RESULTS All, Overview.

SHOW OVERVIEW ABOUT THE SHOW the spirit of adventure that pervades the world of street sports and acrobatics. Whether they are on a bike, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, or double dutch rope skipping, urban sports enthusiasts constantly challenge themselves and defy convention.

Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility and motor coordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts, as well as many sports. Acrobatics is most often associated with activities that make extensive use of gymnastic elements, such as acro dance, circus.

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Mission. The mission of the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities by engaging them in the joyous creativity of acrobatics and circus arts.

An overview of the sports acrobatics
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