At the night market essay

He was waiting for his friend who lives in the Seri Ixora Apartment. They really need to make some profits each night. The two parts are divided with a small road which is Jalan Sejati 9.

More and more goods laden vans arrive to start their brisk day of business. Freshly produced goods which is mostly comes from the plantations and the ranches are being sold at the night market such as vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.

The atmosphere is usually crowded and noisy with hawkers shouting and fast-paced music playing over loudspeakers. Despite the fact that goods were selling at an affordable pricehousewives were bargaining at the top of their voices for a more reasonable price.

His boss is Chinese, very kind because give him a place to stay at the factory. The officials also need to survey the appropriate location for the easy accessible of the surrounding community to the night market.

Cars spill over everywhere from the parking area to the roadsides. So that she accustomed to sew till now.

At the night market essay

The night market usually starts at about 4: From the boiling contents, came a sweet fruity aroma that makes your stomach growl for hunger and long for the snack with its sweet crispy batter and its soft pulpy inside. A few such as Shilin Night Market actually include the cost of basic cleaning in this price.

The finding showed that respondents flavor the night market as it provide a convenient place for buying especially for the ready-to-eat food, offering lower price than the shops, place for leisure and to meet with friends. You can buy yourself a Western food such as pizza, spaghetti and cakes and even Malaysian traditional foods which is amazing in how it taste like such as satay, 'assam laksa' and nasi kukus.

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If she wants to sell her colorful blanket it may so expensive. Besidesmusic blared from radios and hifi sets. A fact it is that the night market is regarded as a shopping paradise by the community of Malaysian since it is a haven for those who are shopaholics. First, the group of researchers from UniRazak settled the table under a colorful big umbrella at the edge of the night market.

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The noisy chatter from the crowd of people had torn the quietness in the peaceful dark night. She mentioned that the night market causing too busy traffic and no proper car-park, the main road car moving very fast that became not safe to cross over to the night market site.

All around, customers and hawkers are bargaining. A Secondary Student I saw him from far, sitting under the shield of a tree, pressing his hand-phone. She has been married to Wan Hui since He felt that the night market was a convenient place for nearby residents to by the groceries and food for their family.

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Night Market Essay Sample

Uid. Apr 13,  · Night market is a great crowd attracting event.

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Besides, one cannot deny that it also attracts all my senses. It is as if all my senses are in full gear at a night market.I would like to describe the scene and my feelings at the night market.

Night market

Night markets are commonly known as Pasar Malam by the locals, which literally means night market, "pasar" being related to "bazaar" in Persian or also the meaning "market" in Malay/Indonesian, and "malam" meaning "night".

A pasar malam is a street market in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore that opens in the evening, usually in residential. Night Market Essay Sample. ABSTRACT. Night markets are usual event found in Malaysia. Occurring close to the residential area, the main supporter of the night market operation is the surrounding community who ensure the night market sustainability.

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A day at the night market essay

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At the night market essay
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